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Do I need to book?

To ensure the best guest experience we have a limited number of spaces available per session, and walk-ins are always welcome if we have available space. To avoid disappointment we recommend booking, particularly for peak periods (weekends & evening sessions) as these are very popular and do book out well in advance.

Online Booking Guide

Booking Multiple Guests

You can book for groups of up to 6 people. On the booking screen, make sure there are no Services already selected (i.e. untick any selected service). Towards the top of the booking screen you need to select the drop down “I would like to book an appointment for 2 – 6 Guests’. You then need to enter the details and Services for each guest, and you can tick the box to copy the Services from Guest 1 if you are all wanting the same experience. If your booking isn’t showing availability or you are having issues, please or email us at:
Mermaid Beach:
[email protected].
West End: [email protected]


Gift Voucher Bookings

To book using a Gift Voucher, please make a casual booking in the usual way. Your card details will need to be provided to secure the booking, however payment will not be taken. Upon check-in at the bathhouse, your Gift Card will then be used to take payment. 


Member Bookings

To book using Membership Credits, please make a casual booking in the usual way. Your card details will need to be provided to secure the booking, however payment will not be taken. Upon check-in at the bathhouse, your Membership Credits will then be used to take payment. 


Massage Bookings

Massage bookings are extremely popular and are booking out quickly, particularly for groups of more than one person. If you cannot see any availability, please check an alternate day/time, otherwise you can email us at [email protected].


Do I need to pay upfront?

All bookings must be secured with credit card details upfront (including membership & gift card redemptions) and one card is charged per booking (no split bills). Your card will then be processed for payment upon check-in at the bathhouse, and if you have membership credits or a gift card, that will be applied and redeemed at check-in instead of your card being charged. Please note that we are a cash-free facility and do not accept cash. A 1.4% credit/debit card fee is charged on all credit/debit card transactions.

What if I want to change or cancel my booking?

General Information – Booking Changes/Cancellations
If you made a group booking (more than one person) you will need to cancel your booking and make a new booking – you cannot change the existing booking. If you have booked for an individual, you can change or cancel the booking.

You will not be charged for any session changed or cancelled more than 12 hours before the start time of the session. “No shows” and bookings changed or cancelled less than 12 hours before the booking start time will be charged at the full booking price. No refund will be provided for bookings changed, cancelled or ‘no show’ with less than 12 hours notice.

If you are having difficulties via one of the methods listed below, please email us at [email protected] and our customer service team can assist.

Via Website
To change or cancel your appointment you can log in to your account via the BOOK NOW button on our website and then click SIGN IN. Your appointment details will be visible and can then be changed. Our Bot on the website can also change or cancel your booking (for individuals) by following the prompts.

Via App
You can download our Soak Bathhouse App from the App Store / Google and modify your booking from there (for individuals).

Via Email Link
In your Booking Confirmation Email you received upon making your booking, there is a link you can click to change or modify your booking.

Where are you located and how do I get there?

Mermaid Beach: We are located at Shop 20 2532-40 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach, which is part of the Pacific Square centre, approximately 5 minutes walk from Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. Free onsite parking for 2 hours is available for all guests, and 3 hours is availble for those guests having a Soak + Massage (our staff will need to provide you with a specific parking pass).

West End: We are located at Level 2, The Eaves at West Village, 111 Boundary St, West End. We are on the rooftop above Yamas restaurant and Italian Street Kitchen. Free onsite parking for 2 hours is available for all guests in the car park directly under the West Village precinct, off the Mollison St entrance. Parking is charged once over 2 hours. 

Bus and rail stops are also within walking distance of both locations.

What are your busy periods?

We are a communal bathhouse and ‘connection’ is one of our Pillars of Wellness! We are busiest on weekends and during holiday periods and the bathhouse has more of a ‘social soak’ vibe at these times.

We recommend weekday bathing if you prefer less people in the communal facilities.

Can I bring my children?

We take the health and safety of minors very seriously, and the following policy applies to their use of Soak Bathhouse facilities:

  • Minors under 16 are not able to use the Soak Bathhouse facilities, nor accompany an adult whilst they use the facilities.
  • Minors aged 16 and above are able to use Soak Bathhouse if accompanied at all times by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Minors aged 16 and above are able to have a Massage or LED Facial with their parent or guardian remaining in Soak Bathhouse at all times.
  • Minors are not permitted to purchase or consume any alcoholic beverages.
  • A parent or legal guardian must sign a waiver and consent form prior to the minor using Soak Bathhouse facilities and identification confirming the minor’s age may be required before entry is permitted.
What do I need to wear & bring?

To use water facilities in the Bathhouse you will need swimwear (no nudity permitted) and a full towel. Proper swimwear must be worn, and usual clothing (e.g. cotton t-shirts/shorts) cannot be worn in place of swimwear. Towels and robes are also available to hire. If you would prefer to wear footwear, you may bring your own non-slip slides or thongs. We recommend bringing a hat on sunny days.

We recommend staying well hydrated during your Soak Bathhouse, and included in your visit are filtered still and sparkling water, a range of teas, or you can purchase a range of hydrating drinks during your session.

Do you have lockers?

Unlocked storage cubicles are available for storing personal items. You have the option to hire locks for $2.50 each, or you are welcome to bring your own. Please be advised that Soak assumes no liability for lost or stolen property, and we strongly recommend leaving any valuables at home.

What does communal bathing mean? Do you have any private experiences?

All areas and experiences within the Bathhouse are communal (except those listed as ‘private’ below) and available to all genders. This means that any bathhouse customers can use those facilities and experiences at the same time (subject to any social distancing requirements). We ask that all customers are respectful of others in the shared environment, and any inappropriate, aggressive, discriminatory or sexual behaviour is strictly prohibited.

Our private experiences are Massage, LED Facial, and Infrared Sauna. These experiences must be separately booked online or in-house (if available).

What is the bathhouse etiquette?

Soak Bathhouse is an inclusive, welcoming space and we have some basic ground rules to make sure everyone is comfortable.

  1. Good hygiene and safety must be practised, as per Soak or government requirements.
  2. Rinse before entering the pools and in between sauna/steam and the pools. 
  3. Appropriate clothing or swimwear to be worn at all times – no nudity!
  4. Circulate around the facilities to get the best experience and to ensure all guests get a turn.
  5. Soak is a calm environment, so keep noise to a minimum including putting your phone on silent.
  6. Respect fellow bathers and staff at all times. Aggressive, rude, discriminatory, sexual or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.
  7. Selfies are permitted, but photographs of others without their consent is strictly prohibited. Always be mindful of the privacy of other guests.
  8. Only food and drink purchased at Soak is permitted (other than water).
  9. We are a non-smoking facility.
What change and bathroom facilities do you have?

We have individual change cubicles and toilets. Open showers with body wash are provided throughout the bathhouse. Please note that hairdryers are not provided or permitted.

Before your soak, please have a quick rinse before you get into the water. Our magnesium rich water is actually best left to sink into your skin after your soak, so we recommend you skip the shower at the end of your visit. If you do want to shower, we kindly ask that you leave more detailed grooming products and routines for home so that all guests have time to use the facilities. 

We have one accessible combined shower, toilet and changeroom. All change and toilet facilities are all gender.

Can I book a massage or facial without the bathhouse?

Yes absolutely! All of our treatments and experiences can be booked separately.

Does the weather affect my Soak experience?

Soak is open during all normal weather conditions, however in extreme wet weather the outdoor areas may be reduced or closed. Soak Bathhouse includes an indoor mineral bath, sauna and steam room, so if outdoor facilities are closed you will still be able to enjoy a full bathing experience – nothing beats a warm bath & sauna on a rainy day!

Are your facilities accessible for all abilities?

A number of our facilities and experiences cater for all abilities. So that we can best understand your needs and advise you accurately, please phone or email the bathhouse to help us plan an amazing experience for you.

We have one accessible combined shower, toilet and changeroom. All change and toilet facilities are all gender.

What facilities can I use if I am pregnant?

During pregnancy, it’s important not to raise your core body temperature above the recommended levels. As hot spas, saunas and steam rooms all cause an increase to the core body temperature, these facilities are not available for use if you are pregnant. Likewise, cold temperatures can cause the uterus to contract, so our cold plunge is not suitable during pregnancy.

Our 34℃ warm mineral bath is able to be used, however we recommend that you only use the bath for short periods at a time (less than 10 minutes). 

Relaxation Areas, Pregnancy Massage and LED Facials are all facilities that can be used during pregnancy, subject to your doctor’s sign off.

What are your COVID and general hygiene policies?

We take hygiene and COVID-19 very seriously, as a safe and healthy environment for staff and guests is our priority. 

Soak Bathhouse is compliant with the Queensland Government COVID Safe Checklist & requirements for Personal Services, as updated from time to time.

We ask that guests do not attend Soak Bathhouse if they are feeling unwell, have any cold or flu like symptoms (e.g. Fever, Cough, Sore throat, Aches & pains, Sniffles), have a raised temperature, have suffered from diarrhea in the last 48 hours, or in the past two weeks has been exposed to anyone with COVID. 

Can I claim a Health Fund Rebate?

Health Fund Rebates are NOT available for any Soak Bathhouse services or massages. Soak Bathhouse accepts no responsibility for your ability to claim a rebate.

Members - How do I book my sessions?

Members can book online through our website, in the same way you would book a casual session. The website will prompt you for card details to secure the booking, but you will not be charged. Upon check-in at Soak, your membership credits will be applied to your booking. If you want to book multiple services (e.g. Soak and Massage), you will need to book the services individually so that your credits can be applied properly. Memberships credits cannot be applied against package bookings. 

Members - How do I know how many credits I have left?

You can login into your account on our website, click on the at the top of the screen and select your name. This will take you to your Account page. Click on Memberships and it will show you the remaining credits you have on your account. Click ‘know more’ to get specific details on remaining Soak Sessions, Yoga and Private Experience credits. 

Members - Who do I contact if I have a billing or other enquiry?

Please email your query to [email protected] for all enquiries. We monitor this email closely and it is the fastest way for us to understand your query and provide an accurate response.

Members - Where can I find my Membership Terms & Conditions?

Your Membership Terms & Conditions can be found on our website here.

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