By Alexis D. –

In ancient mythology, a pillar is a bridge between heaven and earth. In Japan, it’s a venerated object. Even in regular daily life you hear people referred to as a pillar of strength or pillar of the community.

Our pillars may not have mythical status, but the four we’ve built Soak Bathhouse around are, in our minds, essential to life. They are the supports that hold you up, give you stability and a base from which to grow.

Our first pillar is Recovery. When your pace of life is frenetic, it’s crucial to give your body and mind time to recover. Following the pandemic of 2020, many people have been left feeling extra anxious and worried about their health. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness can play a huge role in recharging you, lifting your spirits and giving you the strength to go back into the fray. Massage and bathing in mineral-rich waters will soothe away aches and pains and leave you in a better head space.

Number two is Nutrition. We all know ‘you are what you eat’, but how many of us slip up constantly, grabbing a quick snack on the go rather than sitting down to fuel our bodies mindfully? It’s all too easy to munch a bag of crisps in lieu of lunch, or make takeaway your go-to meal. But we’re not doing our wellness any favours like this. We believe in moderation and creating healthy habits to balance the treats we all love (and deserve!). Just a few adjustments to our habits can work wonders, even if it’s adding juicing to our daily lives or swapping a burger for a vitamin-packed salad.

At three we have Movement. So many of us are trapped at our desks day in, day out. Or driving to the school drop-off, then to work and back again, with no chance to even stretch our legs. Maybe we book an exercise class once a week, but how often do we miss it due to deadlines or family dramas? Being able to fit a class in when it’s convenient to you is invaluable. Get up to greet the dawn with some yoga moves at home, or head to our Flowhouse studio on the way back from the office to work off the frustrations of the day.

Finally, Connection. Being around good friends is essential to our happiness. Where do you usually meet up? A bar, club or restaurant? You stay out too late, over-indulge, and feel dreadful the next day. To comfort yourself, you have a fry-up or even the hair of the dog. It becomes a vicious circle – even a downward spiral. But you don’t have to go out all night to enjoy your friends’ company. Picture soaking in a tranquil pool or chatting in a sauna, in beautiful surroundings that’ll have your Insta followers green with envy. That’s a great way to connect with yourself and your friends – and even make new ones.


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